Corporate & Foundations

The University of the Arts actively seeks partnerships with corporations and foundations that wish to develop unique and engaging collaborations with one of the country's leading arts education institutions.

Corporate and foundation support directly impacts our students' educations and futures by tangibly demonstrating that businesses and charitable institutions recognize both the aesthetic and practical value of the arts. Corporate and foundation partnerships provide the means by which our students are given the opportunities to develop into creative professionals who will generate the ideas, services and products that will shape the future.

The University offers a wide range of naming and recognition opportunities to corporations and foundations at various partnership levels. We will work to find a flexible option that best fits the needs and vision of your organization. If you recognize the significance of art in business and society, we hope that you will consider exploring the ways in which the University and your organization can forge a creative partnership in support of art and arts education.

For more information, please contact:

Mira Zergani
Assistant Vice President, Development