Green Initiatives

The University of the Arts is proud of our efforts to be eco-conscious. As the global community strives to improve efforts to reduce and reuse the earth's precious resources, we are pleased to have made our own internal strides to lessen our carbon footprint. Our Facilities Management team has fostered practices that lead the way in this effort.

Recycling Program
The University's recycling program is designed to contribute to the global "green" effort, reducing the amount of trash that enters our landfills. In addition, recycling reduces expenses, allowing us to use those funds in other ways to enhance and improve the University.

The program for containers and pick-up service is provided at no cost to the University. A fee will only be charged if non-recyclable materials are mixed in with recycled material.

        COMMINGLED                                   PAPER                                              TRASH
        Aluminum Cans Paper Food Waste
        Glass Bottles & Jars Folders Paper Cups
        Tin Cans Brochures Pizza Boxes
        Plastic Bottles Annual Reports Coffee Grinds
  Direct Mail Food-Stained Paper
  Newspapers Plastic Bags
  Soft-Backed Books Used Tissue
  Envelopes Used Paper Napkins
  Pamphlets Used Paper Towels
  Invoices Waste Styrofoam Items
  Computer Paper  

For the time being, cardboard boxes will continue to be picked up if left outside offices/classrooms/etc.

Paper Products Powered by Winds of Change
The Facilities department is pleased to announce that all paper towel and toilet tissue products are now 100% recycled. To quantify our environmental benefit after the first 100 cases combined of natural towel and bath tissue (22lbs net avg), we conserve the following:

  • 19  trees saved
  • 5,511 lbs landfill waste avoided
  • Energy savings equal to using a 100w bulb for 7 years
  • 2,900 lbs CO2 emissions prevented Cleaning Products from Renewable Resources

The facilities department is announcing a change in our cleaning supplies. We are now using Bio Renewable products. Many of the new products are formulated using plant, animal, marine and forestry materials that are renewable, domestic agricultural materials. Bio-based products are excellent alternatives to products made from petroleum because they reduce fossil fuels used, help reduce dependency on foreign energy and are generally better for the environment to produce.

In all new construction, the large fluorescent lighting fixtures that have been installed have electronic ballasts and energy efficient bulbs. This is a 35% reduction in energy usage verses older traditional technology. The small lighting fixtures contain compact fluorescent bulbs, which are over a 40% reduction in electricity usage verses incandescent fixtures. We have a long way to go to convert our entire campus, but are working our way toward a more eco-friendly environment.

Other Recycling Services 
The University has recently added additional services to its recycling program. We are now able to increase or commitment to the environment by collecting old and broken electronic devices as well as fluorescent and halogen tubes and bulbs for recycing thanks to our partnership with eForce Eecycling, a local company that has been providing  recyclng services to the metro-Philadelphia area for over 28 years. To arrange for an electronic pickup in your department, please contact Facilities at x6830 or place a work order for removal via