Public Access Copiers/Printers on Campus

To add money to your copy account, students can visit the Imaging Lab in Terra (13th floor) or Anderson (6th floor). For faculty and staff, you can email Loyd Padgett at to gain access to your departmental copying account.

Public copiers:

Anderson Hall

  • Basement Computer Lab (B&W)
  • Basement of Greenfield Library (B&W)
  • 1st Floor Greenfield Library (Color)
  • Room 309 (B&W)
  • 6th Floor Hallway (Color)
  • Room 806 (B&W)

Terra Hall

  • Room 802 (B&W)
  • Room 1022 (Color)
  • Room 1101 (B&W)
  • Room 1312A (B&W)

Merriam Theatre

  • Music Library (B&W)

Hamilton Hall

  • Great Hall (B&W)
  • OTIS Office, 212 (Color)

NOTE: Prices available under the price list section of Print Services and also posted on the individual machines throughout the school.