UArts Senior Gift Drive

The UArts Senior Gift Drive is a way to give back and leave your legacy on campus! Proceeds from the Senior Class Gift Drive will go toward a campus beautification project in the Furness Garden and a plaque will dedicate the space to the Class of 2013! 

Double your gift!
This year, all gifts will be matched (1:1) by President Sean T. Buffington

Participation is key—any amount helps! How about donating $20.13 in honor of the year you are graduating? Or perhaps you can skip three Starbucks lattes and donate the $16 instead. Maybe you want to make a donation in honor of your parents or faculty members who have helped you along the way. Any amount helps—even a $5.00 donation will help us achieve our goal. And because of President Buffington's generous offer, your gift will count double this year.

Ways to give back:

By making a donation to UArts, you support future classes of UArts students and join a community of hundreds of alumni who also believe in giving back to our university. UArts alumni have helped us—now it's our turn to help the students who will follow us.

Why are students asked to make a gift to the University?
What would UArts be like without alumni support? Each Class Gift enables a graduating class to leave a lasting legacy of their time at the university and support students on campus by improving the quality of the UArts experience for future students.

What will the Class Gift be for 2013?
Proceeds from the Class of 2013 Senior Class Gift Drive will go toward a campus beautification project in the Furness Garden.  A plaque will be placed permanently in the court yard so that future generations of UArts students will know who was responsible for the project.  This will be a tangible reminder of the Class of 2013 that you can visit years from now.

What if I want to mail my gift in? Where do I send it?
Office of Advancement
Attn: Liz Saccardi
320 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102


Who should I contact for more information about the Class Gift?
Liz Saccardi is the coordinator for Class Gift. Call 215-717-6141, or send an e-mail to