Faculty for MA Museum Education

Thomas Bugaj

MAT, The University of the Arts

Richard Cress

Master Lecturer
BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University

Robert DeCesari

Master Lecturer
AA, Art Institute Philadelphia

Maria de Santis

Assoc. Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
PHD, Columbia University

Joseph Gonzales

Program Director, Museum Communications
Assistant Professor
PHD, Temple University
MA, Temple University
BA, Rice University

Barbara McGrath

Master Lecturer
BFA, Philadelphia College of Art

Polly McKenna-Cress

Program Director, MEPD
Associate Professor
MFA, The University of the Arts
BFA, Rhode Island School of Design

Ellen Owens

MA, The University of the Arts
BFA, Penn State University
BS, Penn State University

Keith Ragone

Master Lecturer
MFA, School Visual Arts
BFA, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Helen M. Shannon

Program Director, Museum Education
Graduate Programs Coordinator
Associate Professor
PHD, Columbia University
BA, University of Chicago
BA, Stanford University

Elizabeth Tinker

BA, Bryn Mawr College

Mira Zergani

Assistant Vice President for Development
Senior Lecturer
BA, Temple University