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Core Curriculum
You will customize your schedule by choosing one or two majors and two electives. Majors meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while electives meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Course descriptions below.

Choose an A + B for both Majors + Electives

Block A Block B
   Animation*    Art of Games + Mobile Apps
   Book Arts + Printmaking    Editorial Fashion Photography
   Fashion + Fibers: Wearable Art    Experimental Painting
   Filmmaking*    Graphic Design + Pop Culture
   Illustration    Graphic Novel
   Painting    Jewelry + Metal Design
   Photography    Sculpture + Installation
   Product Design: Designing the Things We Use   
   Skateboarding + Media*  
 Block A  Block B
   Character Development: Illustration    Advanced Drawing Projects
   Cinematography    Designing with Digital Tools
   Creative Writing    Digital Effects for Film + Animation
   Hack Your World: Laser + 3-D Printing    Drawing I: Introduction
   Illustration + Design: Skateboards + T-Shirts    Experimental Photography
   Street Art: Fibers    Figure Drawing
   Street Photography    Interactive Sculpture
   Woodworking Studio    Sketchbook + Zine
     Street Art: Screen Printing
     Words + Pictures: Illustration

*This is an all-day course that meets in both the A and B major slots.  If selecting this course you will not choose a course from Block B.

Nude figure models may be used in drawing and painting courses.



Learn the basics of animation through storyboarding, drawing, filming, editing and image manipulation using software such as Adobe AfterEffects.  Professional animators will teach you traditional hand-drawn animation, stop-motion with clay and found objects, and computer animation to create your own short animations and demo reel.

Book Arts + Printmaking
Learn book arts, screen printing, etching and monoprinting from working printmakers while creating fine art books that incorporate drawing, printmaking, collage, and design. Basic bookbinding and narrative techniques  will be utilized to communicate your personal vision. Both traditional and modern printmaking techniques will be  explored.

Fashion + Fibers: Wearable Art
This course explores the role fabric plays in fashion, both as fine art and design.  Learn how to manipulate patterns and utilize drafting changes to create new styles. Focusing on on sewing, pattern-making skills, fabric dyeing, embroidery, and drawing with a sewing machine students will create unique garments that can be worn or displayed.

Study direction, cinematography and editing by using state of the art cameras, equipment and software.  With award-winning filmmakers as your instructors, learn to story board, develop characters, shoot scenes and edit work for a final presentation.  Gain an understanding of the modern film industry as well as the role film plays in the contemporary art world while making your own short film.  At the end of the program you will have a portfolio of small films as well as one longer, comprehensive piece. 

In this class you will bring stories to life by making images that can be masterful works of art or practical illustrations. Learn both the hand-drawn and digital processes used to create images for a number of exciting applications such as children’s books, advertising campaigns, music promotion, clothing apparel, packaging and comic books. Strong drawing skills and a passion for storytelling are essential.



Product Design: Designing the Things We Use 
Creating a better human experience by making enhancements to everyday design is at the center of the product design.  Learn every part of the complex process of creating consumer products – including mechanical drawing, prototyping, and writing manufacturing and packaging directions.  Instructors teach 3-dimensional design and assist students in fabricating finished products as well as prototypes.  In class, you will learn how to recognize a product’s meaning in culture and context and what is effective design in today’s world. 

Skateboard + Media*

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Art for Games + Mobile Apps

Editorial Fashion Photography
Fashion advertisements are seen by millions of people every day.  Let your images be one of them! You will learn studio lighting using the University’s professional-grade equipment to create intriguing images for online and print media.  Advanced camera controls and post-production techniques using Adobe Creative Suite are also covered in this course.

Experimental Painting
Art was never made to have boundaries and this painting course is about the lack thereof. If you are open to rinsing off painted surfaces, redefining parameters  and using unconventional tools, then this course is for you. You  will manipulate surfaces, recreate edges and create imagery in unconventional ways using space and rhythm as your guide.

Graphic Design+ Pop Culture

Graphic Novel
Learn the elements involved in making your own graphic novel and comic illustrations— from conceptual stage to illustration and beyond. This class will emphasize character and narrative development and expand your writing and drawing skills. Strong storytelling and drawing skills are required. 

Jewelry + Metal Design
An introduction to metalwork through several jewelry projects. Students learn basic metalsmithing techniques: piercing, cutting, soldering, polishing, oxidizing to make jewelry or sculpture. Movement is also approached through aspects of linkage and chain forming.

Sculpture + Installation

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Character Development: Illustration
This course allows students to create and design their own comic book character in terms of image as well as concept and personality. Working from the imagination and using a variety of media, students develop characters through a series of thumbnail sketches that evolve into a finished and highly-rendered image. The characters developed for this class can be used in children's books, animation, computer animation, comic books, cartoons or graphic novels.

This hands-on course will teach you the ins and outs of digital cinematography. Not only will you learn how to use the University’s professional-grade cameras, but you will also learn the terminology and techniques necessary to communicate your vision through film. Through demonstrations and exercises, the basic principles of digital cinematography: Composition, Lighting, Depth of Field, and Continuity, will be examined and used to create short films for your portfolio.

Creative Writing
Study the art of words and writing to work towards developing your own writing style. Coursework may include a sampling of poetry, fiction, memoir or short story writing.  You will take field trips around Philadelphia to find inspiration and create new pieces for your portfolio while  receiving critiques from your fellow classmates and professional writers. 

Hack Your World: Laser + 3-D Printing

Illustration + Design: Skateboards + T-shirts

Street Art: Fibers
Using knitting, crocheting, weaving and other techniques, participate in the guerilla-style graffiti technique of yarn-bombing.  This course will explore the history and concepts behind this growing artform.  You will learn how to create "cozies" using the aforementioned techniques while turning ordinary objects into new works of art. 

Street Photography
Follow in the footsteps of great street photographers like Cartier-Bresson, Atget and Friedlander by capturing everyday life with your lens. Explore concepts such as “the decisive moment,” camera controls and historical context. You’ll put these concepts to use on walking trips to local Philadelphia parks, markets and galleries to transform the conventional into the exceptional. 

Woodworking Studio
This course explores wood as a material, basic joinery theory as well as its manipulation with hand and power tools. Lectures and demonstrations include the properties of wood and the proper use of the band saw and shaping tools, including rasps, chisels, small hand planes and gouges. Assignments are approached from a design standpoint and require you to draft working drawings. Individuality is encouraged within the guidelines for each project.

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Advanced Drawing Projects
Working with line and tone in black and white and color, you will explore issues of structure, space and light. Emphasis is on design and composition as you work toward more sustained studies and finished drawings. Work from still life, the urban landscape, and nude models while experimenting with a variety of mediums including pencil, charcoal, conté crayon, pastels, and toned and colored papers. Prior drawing experience required. 

Designing with Digital Tools

Digital Effects for Film + Animation
In this introductory course you will learn techniques and methods for creating digital based effects in both live-action and animation. Shoot and light sequences in front of a green screen for compositing into another setting. Create standard effects such as muzzle slashes, classic lightsabers, explosions, and more using particle emitters and other effects for everything for a sci fi, fantasy, horror, drama or comedy genre. Software programs such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop will be used. A final project will consist of creating a special effects sequence from storyboard, production to post.

Drawing I: Introduction
If you have not had formal training in drawing, this is the place to start. Drawing is a fundamental foundation for all fine arts, crafts, media and design areas. Course objectives include honing observation skills while working mostly from still life, models and/or landscapes. You will work with media such as pencil, charcoal and ink. Basic skills such as perspective, composition, light and shadow, and tonal variations are explored.

Experimental Photo
Open to both experienced photographers and beginners, this course introduces you to experimental photo processes and nontraditional ways to consider the photographic image. Using a variety of films and cameras while pushing the boundaries of how one views the world, you will explore processes such as pinhole cameras and cyanotypes.

Figure Drawing
This course allows students to focus exclusively on the challenges of drawing from the figure. You will develop drawing and visual skills while working from the skeleton as well as clothed and nude models. Learn basic anatomy, gesture, structure, proportion, line and tone. Prior drawing experience is required.

Interactive Sculpture

Sketchbook + Zine
As the birth place of artistic ideas, the sketchbook is where artists begin to develop a unique point of view to illustrate personal ideas, experiment, take visual notes and hone skills. In this course students will gain understanding of, exposure to and experience with a variety of media, techniques, and approaches to keeping a sketchbook/journal in the spirit of experimentation. This experimentation will be the foundation of the collaborative class zine where students will collect, edit and design their works into a finished work.

Street Art: Screen Printing
With South Broad Street, the Avenue of the Arts, as your canvas, delve into the world of street art.  Study the craft of screen printing  by mastering the photo-emulsion process and building an edition of prints.  You will then display your prints around the city of Philadelphia on UArts' campus with methods such as wheatpasting.  Meet local, Philadelphia street artists and be inspired by your urban surroundings. 

Words + Pictures: Illustration

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Art, Media + Design 2014 Sample Schedule

Course information below is for the 2014 program. Information for the 2015 program coming soon.
Students in the Art, Media + design program are required to be in class and on campus Monday through Friday from 9 am – 6 pm and on Saturday from 9 am – 4 pm.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7am -  9am Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Brunch Brunch
9am - 12pm Major Block A Elective Block A Major Block A Elective Block A Major Block A -- --
12pm -  1pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Professional Practices Workshops, and/or Trips to Local Museums Bus trips to NYC, Wildwood + Dorney Park (optional)
1pm -  4pm Major Block B Elective Block B Major Block B Elective Block B Major Block B    
4pm -  6pm Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner  
6pm -  8pm Event with CAs Open Studio Evening Activity Open Studio Workshops + Guest Lecturers Activities with CAs Activities with CAs
10:30pm Residential Check-in Residential Check-in Residential Check-in Residential Check-in Residential Check-in Residential Check-in Residential Check-in
12 midnight Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out


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