Summer Institute : MBET : Curriculum


  • Intro to Music Business
    Based on the principles of human-center design, this course introduces students in the arts and media to the principles of business - idea development, marketing, finances, and presentation skills - and develops competencies in strategic thinking problem solving, goal setting, time management, presentation skills, business writing, and financial literacy. The course also introduces students to the various organizational structures used in business - small and large, start-up and established.
  • Digital Media/Marketing
    This course investigates the range of organizations and economic forces involved in media production. Includes diverse production models, from mainstream and corporate, to public sector, to alternative, and comparisons with media industries in other cultural settings. The course focuses on business and policy issues and considers examples of media practice from broadcast and cable news, advertising, Hollywood and independent cinema, public media, and new media industries.
  • Live Sound Workshop
    This course will explore the technology and techniques necessary to produce concerts and live events from the perspective of the venue or theatre. Primary focus will be on audio: including discussions on signal flow, signal processing, live mixing, microphones and live recording. This course will introduce an over-aching set of techniques and principles, utilizing the Caplan Recital Hall’s state of the art digital mixing equipment as a “lab” for hands-on exploration.
  • Digital Audio/MIDI Workshop
  • Recording Workshop
  • Web Radio Workshop


  • Record Label Project
  • Event Management and Production