Faculty and Staff Referrals

If you are unsure of how to work with a specific student or handle a situation, call a counselor directly or call the Counseling Center at 215-717-6630.

A brief consultation with a counselor may help you to sort through the relevant issues and explore alternative approaches. (Please note information below re: student confidentiality.) The Counseling Center is also able to provide referrals to other professionals in the community. If the student is reluctant to use University services for whatever reason, you can obtain appropriate referral information from a counselor to give to the student.

Referring to the Counseling Center
Do not attempt to make a referral when a student is too upset and/or confused to understand or listen to you. Simply stay with the student and wait until he/she has calmed down enough to listen and respond to your suggestion.

Never leave a student alone when they are in crisis; ask someone else to call the Counseling Center (215-717-6630) or Public Safety (215-717-6666) or ask any Public Safety Officer to contact the Counseling Center or page a counselor. If no one is available to make a call for you, have the student accompany you to a phone, Public Safety station, etc.

Student Confidentiality
The staff members of the Counseling Center are under legal and ethical obligation to keep counseling information confidential. This means that they cannot tell anyone, including faculty or staff, whether a student is receiving counseling services or information that a student has shared with them.

There are only two situations in which they would be able to disclose information to you: 1) if the student's physical safety or the physical safety of others is at risk; or 2) when the student gives written permission for the counselor to communicate with you.

If you would like feedback regarding the student, please let the counselor know and he/she will ask the student for permission to communicate with you.