AAP Peer Mentors

“The Peer Mentors were extremely supportive and very easy to talk to. They become your friends. They are in the same boat as you, students at UArts.”

All first-year AAP students are matched with a Peer Mentor. Peer Mentors are continuing AAP students who are selected through a competitive application process. Peer Mentors serve as orientation leaders during the AAP Connect Program and stay in touch with each student in their group throughout their first year. They coordinate group social activities, connect new students to the UArts community, and host the Free Wednesday lunches.

Introducing the 2013-2014 AAP Peer Mentors:

Victoria Adamo, Painting/Drawing '15
Robin Alcantara, Illustration '15
Ashley Carrizo, Dance '15
Kennedy Dickerson, Photography '14
Alex Fluharty, Dance '15
Nick Trawick, Vocal Performance '15

AAP Peer Mentor Bios:

Victoria Adamo
Junior, Painting

My name is Tori Adamo and I am a Junior Painting/Drawing major with a concentration in Art Therapy. I am from Middletown, NJ, a town located near the Jersey shore. I love going to the beach and playing tennis. I became involved with the AAP program my freshman year and it was one of the best experiences I've had at UArts. I have met some of my closest friends through AAP and it helped me tremendously with my transition into college! I am very excited to meet the newest members of AAP! Welcome Class of 2017!!! 

Robin Alcantara
Junior, Illustration

Robin Alcantara is the name, making art is my game. On the streets of South Philly I am known as “Daddy Long Legs.” I am originally from Yonkers, New York. Represent! I am a Junior Illustration major and urban explorer here at UArts. My freshman year I attended the AAP Connect program and it was the smoothest way to get familiarized with a new environment. In a nutshell AAP is the bomb-diggity and I hope anyone who participates in this program gets as much out of it as I did. Your artistic career is how you make it; no matter what type of artist you are and UArts is the best place to understand that crucial aspect to being a visual or performing artist. Shoot me an email, find me on Facebook, or write me a hand written sentiment. Do not hesitate; I am most certainly no stranger. Welcome!

Ashley Carrizo
Junior, Dance

Hey guys! I'm Ashley and I'm a junior Dance major. I'm from Long Island, New York and I've been dancing since I was two years old. I love meeting new people and I love to laugh! I wasn't able to attend my freshman AAP orientation, so I can't wait to experience it with you! UArts is an awesome university; I'm sure you guys will love it just as much as the rest of us. Feel free to add me on Facebook or email me. I hope you all have a great freshman year. Welcome Class of 2017; I can't wait to meet all of you!

Kennedy Dickerson
Senior, Photography

Hey there! My name is Kennedy Dickerson and I am a senior Photography major here at UArts. I was invited into AAP my freshman year and couldn't have had a better time! Not only is it a fantastic program, but it also opens doors to once in a lifetime opportunities. In addition to taking photographs, I absolutely love to travel! I am addicted to laughter and a huge movie fanatic. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or find me on Facebook! Greetings Class of 2017, and welcome to the AAP family! 

Alexandra Fluharty
Junior, Dance

Bio and photo coming soon!

Nick Trawick
Junior, Vocal Performance 

Hey everyone! My name is Nick Trawick and I am a junior Vocal major with a minor in Music Education. I’m a born and raised Philly native. As a vocalist I obviously love to sing, but also have a strong interest in musical theatre and jazz tunes. I also have an obsession with pandas and tumblr.

I became involved in AAP my freshman year. Accepting their invitation to join the program has been one of the best choices I’ve made since coming to UArts. Through the program I was able to meet so many amazing people who I’ve grown very close to over the past couple of years. Having been so inspired from AAP, I jumped at the opportunity to become a Peer Mentor. I hope to show you guys the awesomeness of AAP. I am only a click away via Facebook or email, so don’t hesitate to contact me. I cannot wait to meet you guys this summer! Welcome UArts Class of 2017!