Club and Organization Resources

Programming 101

Have an idea? Want to host an event on campus? We want to help you bring that idea to life! Student Activities provides students, faculty, and staff with guidance and the means to coordinate and execute a successful event on campus. The information below should help you along the way as you and your organization enter the exciting and challenging world of programming.

First steps in planning your event or program:

  1. Start planning your event at least one month in advance, and set a concrete date and time for your event. Think to yourself… does it conflict with any other campus events (midterms, finals, holidays, etc.)?
  2. Complete a  Program Proposal Form and submit it to the Campus Programming Coordinator, Maggie Stauffer, located in Gershman Hall Suite 309. If you come across any questions while filling out the form, contact Maggie at . Please note: it is important to be as specific and detailed as possible on the Program Proposal Form.

The program proposal form will require you to provide information regarding the scope of the program, room reservation and set-up information (if applicable), as well as funding request (if applicable).

You may be asked to schedule a meeting with the Campus Programming Coordinator to discuss your event prior to approval.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering for Student Activities is the best way to get involved with and learn all about programming. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Planning and Preparing for Campus Events
  • Advertising; including word of mouth promotion, distributing flyers, and managing social media