Counseling Services


The Counseling Center offers students a confidential place to address issues or concerns that may be hindering their academic performance or everyday life. Many situations arise in which you may feel concerned, confused or just interested about your own behaviors and how to resolve difficulties. People sometimes hesitate to request help with a problem for a number of reasons, such as feeling unsure of whether it is appropriate to do so, not knowing how to begin to delve into the issue, being fearful of others' responses or worrying about imposing on others.

We provide students with a safe place to discuss any issue that may be a concern. Students can attend counseling — free of charge — for whatever length of time seems helpful: an initial session only, a short period of consecutive appointments or regular weekly sessions. We are glad to see students on an "as needed" basis, however students define that for themselves.

Some common issues addressed in counseling are:

  • Experiencing some type of crisis
  • Doubts about succeeding in chosen field or school environment
  • Low mood, depression, or high level of anxiety interferes with being able to accomplish things
  • Alcohol or drug use has affected academic performance, complicated personal relationships or the ability to meet responsibilities
  • Feelings of loneliness and isolation overshadowing other concerns
  • Uncomfortable at school due to cultural/racial differences
  • Having problems around eating or body image 
  • In an abusive relationship and don't know how to get out of it
  • Having a hard time overcoming a loss
  • Having difficulty getting along with family, peers or significant other
  • Worried about the occurrence of particular behaviors, feelings or moods
  • Want to explore issues related to being gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender
  • Homesick and not adjusting easily to the University environment
  • Cannot decide how to proceed with a crucial decision
  • Falling behind due to procrastination