National Society of Collegiate Scholars

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is an honors organization that recognizes and elevates high achievers. NSCS provides career and graduate school connections, leadership and service opportunities, and offers nearly half a million dollars in scholarships annually. NSCS members are deeply committed to scholarship, leadership and service and as a result, are impacting their campus and local communities every day.

For more information about the UArts chapter, please contact Chapter President Morgan Beye at

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Congratulations to the 58 new members who were inducted into NSCS on September 15, 2012:

Victoria Adamo '15 (Painting)
Steven Apicello '15 (Dance)
Caitlyn Averett '15 (Dance)
Soo Jee Baek '15 (Industrial Design)
Morgan Beye '14 (Photography) - President, Founding Member
Marcus Briddell '15 (Musical Theater)
Jacqueline Cardile '15 (Dance)
Ashley Carrizo '15 (Dance)
Haley Carroll '15 (Illustration)
Melissa Chilkotowsky '14 (Animation)
Andrea Clemente '14 (Music - Performance) - Vice President of Planning to Achieve College Excellence
Sean Conlon '15 (Music - Performance)
Shannon Connor '14 (Animation) - Secretary/Treasurer
Mark Cooper '15 (Acting)
Casey Davenport '15 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts)
Chelsea Dibiase '15 (Dance)
Amanda Edwards '15 (Dance)
Molly Egan '15 (Illustration)
Elijah Ellis '15 (Photography)
Autumn Elms-Houle '15 (Music-Voice)
David Fertik '15 (Directing, Playwriting and Production)
Angela Filan '15 (Illustration)
William Fisco '15 (Music- Performance)
Chelsea French '15 (Illustration)
Katelyn Garcia '15 (Animation)
Georgia Gavran '15 (Dance)
Alexa Gibney '15 (Animation)
Kenneth Guglielmino '14 (Multimedia)
Theresa Guido '15 (Writing for Film and TV)
Desiree Hall '15 (Dance)
Alleana Harris '15 (Animation) - Executive Vice President
Julia Higdon '15 (Dance)
Andrea Jimeno '15 (Illustration)
Jimin Jung '15 (Crafts)
Jeong Eun Lee '15 (Industrial Design)
Megan Lynch '15 (Sculpture)
Justin Martin '15 (Industrial Design)
Philip Mastrippolito '15 (Painting)
Michael Mayo '15 (Directing, Playwriting and Production)
EboniJoi McNeill '15 (Music Business)
Gurjot Mondair '15 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts)
Brandon Morganstein '15 (Film)
Monica Morris '15 (Sculpture)
Kristina O'Dea '15 (Music - Performance)
Meghann Potter '15 (Dance)
Lee Reed '15 (Sculpture)
Michael Rilli '15 (Music Performance)
Chyna Shayland '15 (Animation)
Min Soub Sim '15 (Industrial Design)
Jacqueline Simone '15 (Graphic Design)
Jacob Skalish '15 (Illustration)
Caitlin Solazzo '15 (Dance)
Hyejin Song '15 (Music - Performance)
Joryn Staar '15 (Fine Arts)
Cody Swanson '15 (Acting)
Nijel Taylor '14 (Graphic Design) - Vice President of Membership and Public Relations
Jacob VanHorn '15 (Dance)
Brionna Williams '15 (Dance)
Alaina Wis '15 (Musical Theater)