Andrew Cameron Zahn
MFA, The University of the Arts
BFA, The University of the Arts

Andrew Cameron Zahn is a new media curator / artist / designer based in Philadelphia. His work is inspired by the intersection of nature and technology, using generative digital and new media processes to create new ways of visualizing data, information and form. Using multiple systems to build interactive installations, sculptures and prints, he is constantly reprocessing and reinterpreting the world around him. Always staying in the interstitial spaces between disciplines, Zahn’s work is constantly straddling the line between art, design and performance.

In 2014, Zahn opened, Philadelphia’s only New Media art gallery, designed the AIDS walk campaign, co-ran design charrettes for MEDstudio at Jefferson University, and produced 3D-printed models for Nemours Mansion and Gardens. His past projects have included working with Design Philadelphia, the University of the Arts, Philly Tech Week, the Art Blog, Design Science, Villanova University, the Commotion Festival, Brain Sander’s JUNK dance company and

Zahn grew up in Philadelphia and was educated in New York at the Pratt Institute. He earned his BFA in Multimedia and holds an MFA in studio art (sculpture) from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His work can been seen at and

Class Schedule, Spring 2015

F01:00PM - 06:50PMInteractive Installation
W10:00AM - 12:50PMIntro. to Interface Design
F01:00PM - 06:50PMPhysical Computing Studio
W01:00PM - 06:50PMSenior Studio I
W01:00PM - 06:50PMSenior Studio II
M01:00PM - 06:50PMWeb Design Studio

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