Leah Smith
MID, The University of the Arts
BA, Oakland University

Leah Grubb is an Industrial Designer and Lecturer in the college of Art, Media, and Design at the University of the Arts where she has been teaching since 2007. Leah earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology and two minors in Dance and Studio Art from Oakland University. After coming to Philadelphia she graduated from the University of the Arts with a Masters degree in Industrial Design.

While receiving her degree at the University of the Arts Leah was lucky enough to be invited to take a summer lecture with Bart Kresa a world-renowned projection designer. During this summer class Leah fell in love with the medium of Large Scale Projection. Since then she has become one of the very few Large Scale Projection Designers in Philadelphia. She works solely with Pani and Hardware Xenon still projectors. Leah’s loves that projections are flitting. They last for just a few moments yet, they mesmerize the eye and the imagination. They can be captured by film, but enviably they are ephemeral. Projections are a wonderful secrets shared only with the viewers who are lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time.

Leah produced images for Center City’s “Night Light on Broad”, Many University of the Arts Galas and has also been hired for weddings. 

Whether by creating exhibitions for Design Philadelphia that highlight work only being done in the Philadelphia region, being a co-owner of a house wares company only carrying designs made in Philadelphia, or showcasing the Avenue of the Arts with her projections. Leah’s main goal has always been to celebrate the amazing art and design happening in the City of Philadelphia.

Class Schedule, Spring 2014

04:00PM - 06:50PM
04:00PM - 06:50PM
Large Scale Projection

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Office: Terra Building 1501B
Tel: 215-717-6300
Fax: 215-717-6304